Women’s Day – Know Your Worth

Women’s Day – Know Your Worth

Today is international women’s day. Be proud to be a woman.

To be feminine.

To be masculine.

To be whatever you are.

You are beautiful.

Let your voice be heard.

Don’t ever silence your true self to please others.

We are worthy of-

Respect. Equality. Attention. Opportunity.

As women, we are powerful life forces that bring life into this world. We were brought to this earth by a woman. We have the physical and emotional strength that no man will ever know.

For those of you who identify as women, but may not be so biologically, this is your day too. Be proud of who you are.  You, too, face the same adversity as every other woman, if not more. I stand together with you and support you 100%.

The blogger community is one of the biggest female dominated industries. We are killing it. We are taking our femininity, our style, our voices, our skills – our lives, and making a business out of it.  It is especially important in this industry to support each other as women. We are here to learn from each other and grow together in this new and exciting industry in which phenomenal women like Aimee Song, Leandra Medine, and Julie Sariñana have paved a path for us.

I want every woman out there to know that we are worthy of greatness, happiness, love, respect, and infintite opportunites.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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